Retirement Overview

Our vision for any development is to create a functional and habitable living space for the residents that inherit the final product.

OneToAnother is an evolution of our retirement living offering.

And when our founder, Richard Buxton, couldn’t find a retirement apartment for his ageing parents that allowed them to enjoy the lifestyle and community they had known their whole lives, we decided it was time to add retirement to our development portfolio.

Richard’s daughter, Samantha Buxton joined the business in 2001, and has been an integral part of developing and crafting retirement residences from one family to another.

OneToAnother Retirement Living managed by the Buxton family aim to create a collection of luxury independent living residences, offering full service and support to residents at our Granton and Crescent developments, both located in Brighton.

Our work is immensely personal. Each community and residence centres around the needs of our residents – with every detail framed by one question: Are we creating a place that we would like to live?